College Awareness Week 21st – 25th November

img_4895 img_4875 img_4844College Awareness Week 21st -25th November 2016

College Awareness Week was a huge success in the school and we tried to involve as many students as possible so that they can start planning their career journey. Fifth and sixth year students were all given a talk on TAP (Trinity Access Programme), HEAR (Higher Education Access Route), DARE (Disability Access Route to Education) and SUSI (Student Universal Support Ireland) by Trinity College students to start off the College Awareness events.

Each day the tutors handed out quiz questions to the students and these were handed in before lunchtime daily. During the week, third years were reintroduced to the Keys to Successful study and given a handy booklet to refer back to in their own time. Tutors hosted a careers class to their tutor class during SPHE and all first years were introduced to the concept of college, course lengths and the idea of hard work and motivation will lead you to your chosen path.

On Tuesday, Ciara McCabe hosted two make up workshops for a variety of our senior students and the attendees were allowed to practice on each other to try and perfect what they had learnt. Transition year students were introduced to the CAO, the points system and they began the task of converting their Junior Certificate results in CAO points – a totally new concept that really sparked discussion among the students. Tuesday afternoon, 19 wonderful people gave up their time to discuss their careers with our second year students. An event called ‘Rapid Careers’. This was held upstairs in the sports hall and the students had just under 3 minutes to find out information about the persons career. After 3 minutes, they moved onto the next person and a whole new career to find out about. We had a huge range of careers available and I would like to sincerely thank everyone involved for making this so enjoyable and informative for our second year students. We had engineers, scientists, programmers, developers, teachers, Garda, Air Corp, beautician, makeup artist to give a sample of the variety.

Wednesday had a wonderful array of events starting off with Jenny Murphy (Irish Rugby player) and Aoife McDermott (Irish Basketball player) with Sky Sports Living for Sport, detailing the principles of success on the field and off. A group of junior girls participated in this. Fifth year students were given the opportunity to hear from an IT Tallaght lecturer on STEM (Science, technology, Engineering and Maths) careers available. TY students continued their TAP (Trinity Access Programme) course Street Law with 4 trainee solicitors and really engaged with the case presented to them. A group of our amazingly talented music students participated in a DIT BIMM music workshop which was really interactive and allowed students to engage with a DIT lecturer, the admissions officer and a band Wedding Crashers for over an hour. A really enjoyable experience.

The final two days of College Awareness Week, our senior students went to UCD for a personalised Campus Tour and on Friday our senior students went to Maynooth University.

The guidance department would like to thank everyone for making College Awareness Week a huge success and it’s a continuum of what we in Pobalscoil Iosolde hope to inspire our students to aspire to go to college and be fully informed on all matters college.

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