Home School Liaison


Contact details: Anne Marie Eviston

Phone Number: mobile :087 2727521 School: 01 6265991

Email: annemarie.eviston@palmerstowncs.ie


As Home School Coordinator, my work involves promoting partnership between parents, teachers, students and the community.
The purpose of this partnership is to enable young people to achieve and succeed in school. Throughout the school year I support parents in the education of their children, offering helpful advice, information on community services, opportunities to attend courses in the school and local community and, at times, to contribute to the educational experience of students in the classroom as reading tutors and visiting speakers.  Parents are invited to attend school meetings and to have their voices heard at the Parent Teacher Association and at Local Committee meetings.

The Local Committee has created a Community Directory for parents and students of the school. The Directory lists useful services in the wider community. It can now be viewed on the links page of the school website.
The school’s Local Committee has organised a display on the main school corridor called ‘Our Favourite Books’ featuring written contributions from students, parents and teachers. A full list of Favourite Book titles is now available   to read on the links page of the school website. This list might give you new ideas for good reading material in the coming months.

As parents are the first teachers and have an important influence on their children’s attitudes and behaviour, I encourage parents to stay involved and interested in their children’s lives and learning. Building healthy home school relationships based on trust, open communication and a shared interest in the development and education of  young people offers real hope that our students will achieve and succeed in school.


How you can help me to succeed in school“.