Pobalscoil Iosolde Code Of Behaviour

Mandatory Regulations To Ensure The Health, Safety & Education Of All Students
General Behaviour
Students must not use any form of aggressive behaviour (verbal or physical) or abusive language to any staff member or fellow student. These actions will not be tolerated in the school building/grounds/during any school activities.
Every student must follow staff members instructions at all times.
Students must behave properly and correctly in public at all times, including when travelling to and from school and at lunch time. Students must also behave in the same manner when on school trips.

Students must attend school every day and if unable to do so their parent/guardian should write a note in the school journal stating the reason for the absence and/or provide medical certificate.(see attendance policy)
Students must come to school on time. If a student is late they must report to the main office and receive a late stamp in their journal and then go directly to class. Each student must be on time for each class in the school day.
Students who are unwell must be excused from class with a note and report immediately to the Principal/Deputy Principal. The student should not ring home, the main office will contact home.

Students must come to school every day in full school uniform.
Students must not wear jewellery (except for a watch) or have any visible piercings.
Students in 1st/2nd/3rd year must not wear make-up or fake tan.
Any valid non-compliance must be accompanied by a note from a parent/guardian in the journal and agreed to by the school management.

Presence in the School
Students must walk on the left hand side of the corridor.
Students must remain in the school and designated classroom at all times (including small break) during the school day except for lunch time.
Lockers can only be used at the following times: before 8:45, at small break, lunch time and after school.
Toilets are open at the following times: before 8:45, at small break, lunch time and after last class. In exceptional circumstances, a staff member may authorise a student to use the toilet outside these times, except for 1st class, 1st class after small break and 1st class after lunch.
Students must eat/drink only in the school canteen, designated lunch rooms or outside the school building at lunchtime. Students must never chew gum in the school building/grounds.

Students must not bully or intimidate any other student or staff member. If a student is being bullied or witnesses any act of bullying, they must report the incident to one of the following: Teacher, Tutor, Year Head, Chaplain, Guidance Counsellor, Parent or Prefect. All such reports will be treated confidentially (See Anti-Bully Policy).

Breach of Privacy (Including online)
Students must not circulate, publish, or distribute (including on the internet) material associated with school activities, including but not limited to material in relation to staff and students, where such circulation undermines, humiliates or causes damage to another person is considered a serious breach of school discipline and many result in disciplinary action.

Sexting’ by students in the school
Sexting is the sharing of sexual text, video and photographic content using mobile phones, apps, social networking services and other internet technologies. The sharing of explicit text, images and/or video is an unacceptable and absolutely prohibited behaviour and will have serious consequences and sanctions for those involved in accordance with the school’s Code of Behaviour.
Please not that:
All incidents involving creating, storing or sharing of explicit text, images and/or video of children under the age of 17 years will be reported as an incident to the Gardai and Tusla and the State Claims Agency (to the latter as there is the potential to cause injury/harm to the individual).
Sharing of explicit text, images and/or videos of pupils in the school will incur serious sanctions including suspension and up to expulsion as determined by the Board of Management

Banned/Illegal Substances
Smoking in the school building or on the school grounds is illegal.
Students are prohibited to bring cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, alcohol, aerosols, lasers or any other dangerous/illegal substances, materials or equipment to school. This extends to all times a student is in full school uniform.

Students are responsible for their own property. The school has no liability for any student’s property. Students must take care of school property and will share responsibility for keeping the classroom tidy. Students must dispose of their own litter in the bins provided.

School Trips / Lunchtime
The School Code of Discipline is applicable to ALL school trips. These include, but are not limited to, football matches, outdoor education activities, trips to the cinema, school tours outside the country, etc. It is also applicable to students who are inside or outside the school grounds during lunchtime. If a student is in breach of the School Code of Discipline during a school trip, he/she she may not be allowed on another school trip for a specified duration.
As part of disciplinary action the School, Pobalscoil Iosolde, reserves the right to suspend, place on a reduced timetable or expel a student or students where it considers the actions to warrant such sanctions.

Classroom Behaviour
Students must line up on time outside the classroom door for staff to greet them on entry.
Students must remove outdoor coats before entering the classroom and be in correct uniform.
Students must sit in the seat allocated to them by a staff member.
Students must bring their journal to school every day and place it on their desk during class time. If a staff member requests to see a student’s journal they must hand it up immediately.
Students must keep their journal in good condition and must not deface a fellow student’s journal.
A parent/guardian must sign the student’s journal every week.
Students must come to school with their appropriate textbooks, stationary and equipment (including P.E. gear when required).
Students must maintain all books received via the Book Rental Scheme in good condition.
Students must record their homework in their journal and complete it properly and fully as assigned (See Homework Policy)
Mobile Devices
Students must switch off mobile phones/mp3 players/other digital devices and keep them out of sight at all times except during small break and lunch time, unless instructed by a staff member to use it.
Sanctions for non-compliance to any of the above Mandatory Regulations are laid out in the Code of Discipline.