Anti-Bullying Policy

School Bullying Policy

Bullying is repeated aggression, verbal, physical or psychological.  It is carried out by an individual or by a group.  it may include taking money or property, “slagging”, “mess fights”, spreading rumours, intimidation, hitting or leaving a student out of a group.

1 No bullying incident should be ignored.

Bearing in mind that each incidence of bullying is different and that fluidity is therefore essential when dealing with bullying, the folowing procedures are as follows:

(a) Minor Incidents
The teacher who becomes aware of the incident deals with it immediately.  He or she should make a note of the inciden in the student’s and/or in the Bulying Incident Book* in the staff room.  A written report should be made to Year Head in the duplicate book.

(b) Serious Incidents
The teacher who becomes aware of this must report it to the Year Head in writing, using the duplicate book.

2 Pastoral Care classes wil cover the topic of bullying, with the emphasis on respect for others.  There will be a number of such classes during SPHE time during the year.  These classes will be co-ordinated by the Year Heads in consultation with the tutors and delivered by the turors.

*The function of the Bullying Incident Handbook is to record incidents of bullying.  Year Heads check this book regularly with a view to assessing whether a pattern of behaviour is occurring.

Anti-Bullying Statement

All students have the right to be educated in a safe and secure environment.   Our first rule states:  “I will show respect for myself, my teachers, all staff members and fellow students at all times”.

Bullying breaks this rule, because if you hurt, threaten or frighten others you are not treating them with respect.

Bullying is not acceptable and will not be tolerated in Pobalscoil Iosolde.   The aim of this school is to resolve bullying issues.

You must not:

  • Push, kick, or hit other students
  • Taunt them or their families
  • Steal, interfere with or damage their property
  • Threaten them in any way
  • Intimidate others by name calling, making phone calls or sending text messages
  • Deliberately isolate or ignore another student

This applies in class, on corridors, in the grounds and on the way to and from school.

School Procedure for Dealing with Bullying

  • No bullying incident will be ignored.   A record will be kept of all such incidents.   
  • You should report any incident of bullying to your Tutor, Year Head, School Counsellor or any teacher
  • If you are involved in bullying you will be warned to stop by your Year Head and your parents will be informed
  • If the bullying incident is particularly serious the incident will be referred to the Principal/Deputy Principal and the offender will be suspended or may be expelled.
  • Parents of all parties involved will be informed

If you are being bullied or if you know someone else who is being bullied, you must tell a teacher, your parents or your guardians you will be helped.

Pobalscoil Iosolde is an Anti Bullying School
Don’t tolerate it – Report it