Essential Rules


  1.  Every student must follow all staff’s instructions at all times.
  2.  All students must come to school on time, in full school uniform with his/her journal.
  3.  All students must walk quietly to class immediately when the bell goes.
  4.  All students must line up outside the door of their classroom before entering the room.
  5.  All students must sit in the seat assigned to them by the teacher.
  6.  All students must have their journal with them during class times.
  7.  All students must put their journal, books, copies and equipment on the desk immediately.
  8.  All students must hand up the school journal immediately when requested.
  9.  All students must listen when any staff member is speaking.
  10. All students must attempt all work given by the teacher.
  11.  Students must not leave the room during class time without a note from the teacher in the journal.
  12.  Students must not use bad language to any staff member or in the school building / grounds.
  13.  All students are only allowed to go to their locker/toilet during the following times: Before 8:45, 10:05 – 10:15, 13:05 – 14:00 and after 16:00.
  14.  Any student who willingly defaces or allows another student to deface any part of their journal must replace the journal. (€15 fee)