Leaving Certificate

Leaving Certificate Programmes

Three Leaving Certificate programmes are offered in Pobalscoil Iosolde:

  • Leaving Certificate Established
  • Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme
  • Leaving Certificate Applied Programme

Pupils receive advice as to which programme they might derive most benefit from, based on their performance in the school to date (based on their performance in the Junior Certificate and in Transition Year, if applicable).

Leaving Certificate Etablished

The Leaving Certificate examination is held at the end of the Senior Cycle in post-primary schools.  it is the terminal examination of post-primary schooling.  Students study Irish, English, Mathematics, French/German and three optional examination subjects.  All of these subjects may be taken at Higher, Ordinary or where available, foundation level.  Pupils are placed in an appropriate level, consistent with their ability, by their subject teacher and are encouraged to take each subject at that level.  It is school policy that any change of level would only take place after consultation with parents.  Parental support, in this regard, is crucial in ensuring that students achieve their potential.  Pupils also receive instruction in Religion and Career Guidance.

Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme

The Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP) is the normal Leaving Certificate Programme with a concentration on technical subjects and some additions.  It was first introduced in 1989.  In 1994, it was expanded to broaden the choice of subjects and to strengthen the vocational content of the programme by including two link modules on Enterprise Education and Preparation for the World of Work.

The LCVP combines the academic strengths of the Leaving Certificate Established with a new and dynamic focus on self-directed learning, enterprise, work and the community.  The primary goal of the programme is to prepare young people for adult life by ensuring that they are educated in the broadest sense, with an ability to cope and thrive in an environment of rapid change.  Participants in the programme are encouraged to develop skills and competencies fundamental to both academic and vocational success.

Pupils taking the LCVP take five Leaving Certificate subjects, including two subjects to be chosen from a set of vocational subjects, a recognised course in a modern European language and two compulsory Link Modules.  Pupils also receive instruction in Religion and Career Guidance.

Established Leaving Certificate Programme Leaving Certificate Vocaltional Programme
Irish Irish
English English
Mathematics Mathematics
French/German French/German
3 Optional examination subjects 2 Specialist subjects
1 Optional subject
Link Modules
Religious Instruction Religious Instruction
  • All examination subjects may be taken at Higher, Ordinary, or where available, Foundation level.
  • Programmes in examination subjects are identical and attract the same points for College.
  • Optional subjects include: Accounting, Business Studies, Biology, Physics and Chemistry, Construction Studies, Technical Drawing, Engineering, Art, History, Geography, Music, Home Economics.
  • Specialist subjects, are particular combinations of optional subjects.
  • Students taking appropriate combinations will be entered for LCVP
  • Link modules include Enterprise studies, Preparation for work and Work experience.
  • Link modules are examined by project work and written examinations.
  • Link modules provide an additional opportunity for earning points for entry to Institutes of Technology

Leaving Certificate Applied
The Leaving Certificate Applied is a self-contained two-year Leaving Certificate Programme aimed at preparing students for adult and working life.  It is a person-centred programme involving a cross-curricular approach rather than a subject based structure.  It puts emphasis on forms of achievement and excellence which the Established Leaving Certificate had not recognised in the past.

Courses offered are Vocational Preparation, which focuses on preparation for work, work experience and enterprise and communications, General Education which gives students general life skills, including the arts, social education, leisure and languages and Vocational Education which is concerned with the development of mathematical and information technology and the practical skills necessary for specialist areas such as tourism, business, horticulture, engineering and technology.

The Leaving Certificate Applied is intended to meet the needs of those students who either choose not to opt for other Leaving Certificate programmes or who are not adequately catered for by other Leaving Certificate programmes.  While certification in the Leaving Certificate Applied will not be a qualification for direct entry to third level courses, students who successfully complete the programme will be able to proceed to many Post Leaving Certificate courses.