Career Guidance

Career Guidance and Counselling

Pobalscoil Iosolde is fortunate to have a full-time Careers Guidance Counsellor, who is always available to both parents and students for advice relating to career choice and for personal counselling.

The Career Service

The following services are offered by the Career Guidance Department at different stages of the students career in Pobalscoil Iosolde:

  • Assessment Tests, differential Aptitute Tests, Careers Interest Inventories.  These tests are used to determ: (a) whether students will need extra tutition in certain, (b) to establish what special aptitude students may have, (c) to help students to make informed career choices.
  • Personal interviews with the Guidance Consellor for carer adviceA comprehensive library of careers/college information literature including videos and CD’s.
  • A computerised catalogue of college information and personalised print outs of suitable career areas if desired by the student.
  • Preparation for interviews and mock interviews
  • Career talks, Fas visits, visits to universities and other third level colleges.


Students may refer themselves to the counsellor or may be referred by a tutor, year head or parent.