2nd March 2020

Pobal factor 2020 Grand final Gallery.


Well done to everyone who took part in all stages of the competition. Here are photos of everyone who took part in last Friday nights final, including some surprising people and also some of the fans of the performers!

2nd March 2020

Pobal factor 2020 Grand Final BONUS.

Pobal factor winner Josh Dalton performs ‘Uptown Funk’ . Produced by TY 2019. 

1st October 2019



Follow this exciting project. This is a link to a playlist on Youtube.

More to follow….

3rdJune 2019

This is the incredible Pobalscoil Iosolde performance in front of 2000 people in the National Concert at the ‘Waltons Music for Schools Competition’ on 7th May 2019. We were the only school from Dublin to make it to the finals.  ‘Queen Medley Tribute’   (Video courtesy of RTÉ lyric fm). To make it this far was a huge achievement for everyone involved – Well done. 

3rd April 2019

1st April 2019

Pobal Scoil are in the finals with their brilliant Queen Medley. We battle it out in the National Concert Hall on May 7th. We are the only School from Dublin to get through..Well done to everyone involved!!​



Matthew Kelleher Katie Yourell – Solo Jodee Moore Aliyah Sargeant – Solo Abbi Martin – Solo Darren May Cian McLoughlin – Solo Josh Dalton – Solo Mary Bermudo Lucy Parkin – Solo Erin Royal – SoloAimee McLoughlin – Solo Adam Finn – Solo Sam Dobbyn 


Emily Green Tara Doherty Jaiden Grant Nicole Moore Carson Salinger Jodie O’ Connell Abbie Finn Amy Van Eekeren Jodie Wisely Samantha Byrne Caoilfhionn Young Tara Blake


Matthew O’Connell – Guitar    Piano/Synth – Conor O’ Dempsey     Mr.Monaghan  – Drums


Choir / Band  –  Mr. Monaghan     Dancers  –  Mr. Donnelly


Video – Ray Ray    Audio  – Mr.Monaghan 

Special Thanks:

Sophie Kealy – (2nd Camera)      Kuba Szhubert – Video (Behind Scenes)

T.Y. Students  – (Help on the day)