Transition Year

Transition Year


It is Pobalscoil Iosolde school policy to have a six-year Post Primary cycle, inclusive of Transition year.  Transition Year is designed to promote the personal, social, educational and vocational development of the students and to prepare them for their role as autonomous, participative and responsible members of society.  The present Transition Year Programme consists of four elements:

(1) Core Subjects Irish, English, Mathematics, French/German.  This enables students to commence the Leaving Certificate Programme in these subjects so as to obtain the best results possible at the end of senior cycle.
(2) Subject Option Modules This is to provide a range of subjects to be sampled so as to facilitate subject choices at fifth year level that best suit students’ interests and abilities.  Students will select a set of options from a wide range of subjects – including Music, Drama, Physics and Chemistry, Biology, Home Economics, Engineering, Technical drawing, History, Social concern and Construction.
(3) Music/Drama/Art to develop students’ abilities in an appreciation of Music, Art and Drama.  Concerts, dramas, choir and art work are an integral part of every Transiiton Year Programme.

(4) Computers (ECDL) this is to make available to pupils a recognised qualification in computers.
(5) Work Experience Again this is designed to enhance a pupil’s understanding of the world of work so as to facilitate realistic career aspirations.
(6) Mountaineering To introduce students to the Wicklow Mountains and hill walking as a leisure time activity.

As students completing Transition Year will cover some Leaving Certificate material, transfer to fifth year without completing Transition Year will prove difficult for all but the most able and mature students, who will be permitted to do so only at the discretion of the Principal.

Pupils will be expected to assume increased responsibility for their own learning and to participate in the following:

  • The completion of regular assignments, homework, etc. in the standard curriculum.
  • The completion of a TY folder, which will contain accounts of all lectures and special activities during the course of the year.
  • Modules and short courses as assigned
  • Job placements/work shadowing
  • Regular talks/workshop activities which are organised in career, personal development and pastoral care areas
  • Outdoor pursuits, cinema, theatre visits, some of which may finish later than a normal school day
  • Not undertake part-time employment, particularly during the school week.  Part-time employment will not be accepted as an excuse for non-participation in the full Transition Year Programme.

Summer Examinations:  Students will have 2 hour examinations in English, Irish, Mathematics and French.  ECDL will be examined externally.
Assessment for Other Subjects: Teachers of other subjects should arrange their own class-based assessment.  As part of this assessment teachers should organise to complete at least two TY assessment forms.  Teachers are free to choose the assessment forms most relevant to their subject area.  These forms incorporate both student-based and teacher-based assessment.